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Bog-Art Gallery, exhibit Delphine Dessein
Sculptures by Delphine Dessein

"Nématoïds"Wood Sculptures
Fluorescent Acrylic Paint


Discover our collection of unique wooden sculptures! Our passionate artist creates captivating vertical sculptural works, representing human or abstract forms. Since his first painting "Liberation" in 2008 to his first sculptures of "Nematoïds" in 2014, the artist continues to strive for perfection in his art.

The Nématoïdes, these ambivalent characters with slender limbs, represent human beings by analogy: alternately beneficial and harmful, they constantly seek to develop, to rise, to reach an "elsewhere". Each of these sculptures is unique and will bring an original and fascinating touch to your art collection.

Order one of our wooden sculptures now and treat yourself to an exceptional piece of art that will surely catch the attention of all contemporary art enthusiasts.

Nematoids sculptures by Delphine Dessein


Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern. Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces in clouds, rocks, and even in sculptures!!

Explore our collection of pareidolic sculptures and discover the fascinating details of each piece. Looking at the sculpture from the front, you may perceive a subtle phallic shape, while from the side, a male figure can be clearly seen. This pareidolia may evoke different interpretations for different individuals, but it can prompt thoughts on the complexity of male identity, sexuality, and perception of form in art. With their exceptional quality and contemporary style, our pareidolic sculptures are unique pieces that draw attention and enrich your decor. Add a touch of originality to your living space or gift a memorable present to someone who appreciates intriguing art. Discover our collection now and let your imagination soar!