self-portrait of the contemporary artist delphine dessein. French painter artist modern.
Self-portrait of the contemporary artist delphine dessein.
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Delphine DESSEIN, French Contemporary Artist affirms his "spirit of Freedom".

Whether through Painting... Sculpture... Drawing... or Photography, Freedom is always present with subtlety or expressiveness.

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"Painting is an art, and art as a whole is not a nonprofit creation that runs in a vacum. It is a power which aim should be to develop and improve the human soul. "
Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Wassily Kandinsky
Paintings by the contemporary artist delphine dessein. Abstract paintings. Neofigurative paintings. fluo paintings.
Contemporary Sculptures by the french artist delphine dessein. Wood sculpture. Resin sculpture...
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Neo-figurative drawings by the contemporary artist delphine dessein.
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Charivari by Delphine Dessein. contemporary paintings fluorescent.

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Artistic Approach DESSEIN      A Spirit of Freedom is floating !  

Develop and improve the human soul” in order “To Be” in all sincerity is for me the most important virtue of the painting.
My canvas, my sculptures, as well as my drawings are the reflection of a spirit trying to free oneself from the conditioning in which every individual is mould according to his culture, his education, his customs …
Whether it is with expressiveness or with irony, I expose my feeling on an often complex society where my long-limbed characters (Nématoïdes and Sciapoïdes) are in search of a better world.
The Nématoïdes: Spindly ambivalent characters sometimes beneficial sometimes harmful by analogy with human beings, are on tiptoe, in search of a development, of a rise, of an "elsewhere".
In their hypnotics eyes display their vision of the world.
In round spirals for some, these Nématoïdes of mountains symbolize the peace and the serenity…
In rectangular or square spirals for the others, these Nématoïdes of plain represent the enmity as well as the aggressiveness; their shouts are even deafening.
The Sciapoïdes as for them are mythological ascetics one-legged people with gigantic foot so allowing them to protect from the sun during the meditation.
The fluorescent nuances mention an aggravated excitement, a dynamism, a vitality.
The omnipresence of the verticalities in the series Nématoïdes, Sciapoïdes or Liberation reveals an ascent towards an absolute relief.
Like, express oneself, to doubt, to shout belongs to kindness that it is important to agree so that a " Spirit of Freedom " can take shape with all its "Being".
This is for me the famous « Dessein of freedom »
delphine dessein french contemporary painter artist

A preference for "Nematatoids"! The fluorescent keys will give effervescence and vitality to your walls!
Nematoids, by Delphine Dessein

- Artistique PATH -

Born in the North of France, I followed a training of Plastics Arts and obtained a License at the faculty of Tourcoing then I followed one year at the School of fine Arts of Dunkerque. At the end of this course I created in 2007 my virtual gallery. Over the years, I presented and exposed my paintings, sculptures, photos ... on the web. In 2011, I was approached by the Elly's Restaurant of Saint-Raphaël to organize my first solo exhibition and keep an excellent memory! Subsequently, I participated in several group and individual exhibitions. The Bog-Art Gallery in Brussels opened their doors and encouraged me in my artistic approach. A year later, go to Paris to participate in a collective exhibition at the Concept store Gallery! Today, I find a balance between my Nordic roots and my love for the Var region. Painting allows me to respond to an intrinsic need, to express my feelings about society and to transmit the humanist values ??that are dear to me. The fluorescent colors that I use through my paintings and sculptures reveal a true "Hymn to Life"!


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